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Ruckus AP shows "" after Zone Director 1200 Upgrade


Q: Ruckus AP shows “” after Zone Director 1200 Firmware Upgrade


  • Removed the AP from switch and powered up via power adapter, did hard reset on AP.

  • Changed the IP on local system to 192.168.0.x

  • Connected AP directly to the local system and then login into AP via default IP i.e.

  • After login into AP, found out version of AP was so manually upgraded the firmware version of AP to 110.0 version.

  • After successful upgrade connected back AP to switch, AP gets an IP from DHCP server and got connected to controller.

  • Please follow the same steps on all the AP’s and then they will join the controller.

  • As you confirmed this resolve your issue, so i am closing this case as per your consent.

Summary: The firmware update to the ZD 1200 Required the AP’s (R720’s) to be at 11.x version before upgrading the ZD firmware. Older AP firmware of 10.x was not supported.

Best Case is check with Ruckus Support prior to upgrading the Zone Director, and provide the current builds on the ZD and AP’s

Ruckus Support