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Llink for Remote Commands via Windows

plink for Remote Commands users can run a fair number of very useful unix commands remotely, inside of their accounts. The remote commands that you are able to run are detailed in this document.

Windows users can run these remote UNIX commands in their account with ‘plink’.

Download plink

You can download plink from this page.

It is a single .exe file and you can just put it in your c:\windows directory (or anywhere else you’d like).

plink usage

Here is an example of changing your account password by running ‘passwd’ remotely:

plink.exe -t passwd

Here is an example of listing the contents of your account by running ‘ls’ remotely:

plink.exe ls

Here is an example of checking the sha256 checksum of one of your files by running ‘sha256’ remotely:

plink.exe sha256 your/dir/your/file.txt


If you have any questions or problems regarding this process, please email - we will help you immediately.

Reference Information

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